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About the Rural Monitor

The Rural Monitor is a publication of the Rural Health Information Hub. Its focus is on healthcare and population health in rural communities.

Share Your Article Ideas for the Rural Monitor

The Rural Monitor invites your story ideas. Do you have something innovative happening in your community related to rural health? We’d love to hear about it!

  • For potential Features, tell us about topics of national interest that you’d like to see us cover. Also share your examples of successful programs and organizations working in areas that impact rural health.
  • For our Around the Country section, we’re interested in hearing about specific organizations and programs that are doing good things on a state, regional or local level.
  • Know an interesting person working in rural health? Nominate that person to be interviewed in our Rural Spotlight.

Please send your suggestions to with “Story Idea” in the subject heading. If you’re suggesting a program, please include a one-paragraph summary of the program’s work.

The Rural Monitor does not take submitted articles and cannot promote products and services.

Reprint Policy

Articles, photos, and charts appearing in the Rural Monitor may be reprinted with the permission of the Rural Health Information Hub and proper citation. For permission, please contact

Citing Rural Monitor Articles

These examples show how to cite a Rural Monitor article for several common citation styles, using Drug Education and Cessation Programs Help Teens Avoid or Quit Vaping as the article:

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