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Rural Health Information Hub

Case Studies & Conversations

Join the conversation on rural health issues by sharing rural projects in the Models & Innovations section and joining RHIhub webinars, and learn about rural health programs and issues in our publications, podcast, and videos.

Rural Health Models and Innovations

Find examples of rural health projects other communities have undertaken, including models shown to be effective, as well as new and emerging ideas. For each project, learn about the services provided, audiences served, results, and lessons learned.

Rural Monitor

This RHIhub publication focuses on healthcare and population health in rural communities, with feature articles, interviews with rural health experts, and more.

Exploring Rural Health Podcast

Hear about current issues in rural healthcare and population health from leaders and experts making a difference.

RHIhub Webinars

Upcoming and archived webinars hosted by the Rural Health Information Hub.

RHIhub Videos

Videos produced by RHIhub to help tell stories that are important to rural health.

Rural Health Philanthropy

Features stories and case studies sharing the work of philanthropies on rural health issues.