Rural Families in Transition: A Multimedia Presentation

To gain insight into the success of rural child welfare agencies, the project team also gathered stories and photographs from the 14 project counties. The stories were collected from social workers, supervisors, directors, community members, and families served by child welfare. The audiotaped stories expressed the families’ view of their own strengths and challenges, which led project staff to a network individuals and informal systems within these communities that played a role in supporting and/or delivering services to these families.

In the end the team developed Rural Families in Transition, a 22-minute multimedia presentation about what rural life, work, and social services is, its strengths as well as its challenges. This presentation was guided by four themes that emerged during the story collection process: self-reliance, sense of community, sense of place, and the transitional nature of the rural places that are home to 39.8% of North Carolina’s population.

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