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Rural Health Information Hub

Rural Health Networks and Coalitions Toolkit

Welcome to the Rural Health Networks and Coalitions Toolkit. The purpose of this toolkit is to provide resources, strategies and examples to communities who are considering developing a new or expanding an existing health network or coalition.

This toolkit consists of seven modules. Each module contains useful information and links that connect you to resources and materials that can help in creating or expanding your program. General resources on community health strategies are available in RHIhub's Rural Community Health Toolkit.

Module 1: Introduction
An overview of rural health networks and coalitions.

Module 2: Program Models
Looks at four structural models of networks and coalitions.

Module 3: Program Clearinghouse
Examples of nine existing networks, representing different models and organizational structures.

Module 4: Implementation
Provides tips on issues to keep in mind when developing or expanding rural health networks and coalitions.

Module 5: Evaluation
Discusses strategies and provides tools for how to evaluate rural health networks and coalitions.

Module 6: Funding & Sustainability
Examines the importance of sustainability, when to start thinking about it, and how to make your networks sustainable.

Module 7: Dissemination
Provides information on disseminating network progress within the group itself as well as to the greater community.