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Rural Health Information Hub

Rural Community Paramedicine Toolkit

Welcome to the Rural Community Paramedicine Toolkit. This toolkit compiles emerging practices and resources to support rural communities seeking to build community paramedicine and mobile integrated health programs across the United States.

This toolkit presents practical strategies that can help rural communities build successful community paramedicine programs. In particular, it focuses on existing programs that have successfully provided rural community paramedicine services. It also offers guidance for implementation, evaluation, dissemination, and sustainability.

The target audiences for the toolkit are rural organizations including healthcare providers, such as hospitals and clinics; independent and/or county-managed emergency services providers; local and county health officials; home health agencies; and other community-based organizations.

For more information about rural community health programs, including how to develop and implement a program, please visit the Rural Community Health Toolkit.

Module 1: Introduction
Overview of community paramedicine in the U.S. and unique challenges that rural communities face.

Module 2: Program Models
Models for community paramedicine programs.

Module 3: Program Clearinghouse
Examples of promising community paramedicine and mobile integrated health programs that have been implemented in rural communities.

Module 4: Implementation
Important issues to consider and address when implementing a rural community paramedicine program.

Module 5: Evaluation
Tools that can help with the evaluation of a community paramedicine program.

Module 6: Funding & Sustainability
Resources to help with planning for the sustainability of a community paramedicine program.

Module 7: Dissemination
Ideas and resources for disseminating findings from a community paramedicine program.