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Rural Health Information Hub

Rural Care Coordination Toolkit

Welcome to the Rural Care Coordination Toolkit. The toolkit is designed to help rural communities identify and implement a care coordination program. It also provides links to resources and best practices.

The toolkit is made up of several modules. Each module contains information that concentrates on different aspects of care coordination programs. Modules also include resources that can be used in developing a rural care coordination program. There are more resources on general community health strategies available in the Rural Community Health Toolkit.

Module 1: Introduction
An overview of care coordination and issues specific to rural care coordination.

Module 2: Program Models
Six care coordination program models and their characteristics.

Module 3: Implementation
Implementation considerations for each care coordination program model.

Module 4: Funding & Sustainability
Strategies to ensure the sustainability of rural care coordination program.

Module 5: Evaluation
Evaluation frameworks, data sources, objectives, and measures for care coordination programs.

Module 6: Dissemination
Methods for sharing results from rural care coordination programs.

Module 7: Program Clearinghouse
Examples of care coordination programs that have been implemented in rural communities.